Salim Rahim

(Mutawadie Abid - A Humble Servant)

Salim has, over the last 10 years, been deeply engaged in the study, reflection and contemplation of the Stages of the Soul and has, with objectivity, developed an insight into Sufism and Islamic Mysticism, in the context of Qur’anic verses, reflecting upon the jurist’ commentaries (Tafsirs), peered through the lens of esoteric tradition; an empirical study for an inward journey for enlightenment (tajjaliat) known as Tassawuf, to discover the precious “hidden pearls of Islam”. Events, circumstances and rightly guided learned scholars and translators have enabled the author to develop an exposure and appreciation of the numerous divisions within Islam and other non-Islamic denominations.

The principle of Rāhma (Divine Mercy) is investigated from a universal perspective; how this Rahma interweaves through everything in the universe—a phenomenon that is ever present in the mighty and majestic tapestry, we call humanity! The lamps of tradition are varied and man-made, but the light transmitted by them remains one and the same, irrespective of the background or denomination one comes from.

We see so many sects (divisions) within Islam, each with its own norms, doctrines, dogmas, rituals and ideology, partly due to socio -political or cultural and historical links and/ or economic variations set up centuries ago and passed down through generations, rigidly followed, often with fundamental connotations, a labyrinth of diverse forms of pathways to attain the same spiritual goal.

Sufism, in whatever religion it is found, has peacefully redressed the above issues in a universal manner, though the author’s narrative is in context of the Qur’ānic message, offering precious keys to those who are seeking to unlock the depths and mysteries of the revealed text. Sufism promotes the “middle-way”/perspective when one distinguishes secular pluralism with religious exclusivism, promoting tolerance and respect for the other, within and out of Islam.

Three books have been now published, draped in Islamic robes, though the message is universal—humble, sublime expressions and insights that will resonate and echo in the deepest recesses of every soul.

Play and paddle not in shallow trifles

The real gnostic is he who worships God not, because he hopes for any reward or is afraid of any punishment, but only because he has the inner knowledge of Him and loves Him.
We are petals of the same Flower with the same fragrance