A deeper mystical encounter with and a judicious exposition of Divine Rāhma (Mercy) that soars beyond time, culture and religious divides, describing what is fundamentally universal to humanity. Compassion and Mercy, the cornerstone of every faith, the binding tie that keeps mankind astonishingly cohesive (promoting pluralism) despite so many disparaging, uninspiring negative elements that cause dissensions and divisions. A reflective discourse that interlaces reason with revelation. An insightful study into the Divine Names, profoundly rooted in the human psyche, a healing mercy for the ailing heart.

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The first Opening Sura (Chapter) of the Qur’ān, al-Fātiha is much alike the biblical “Lord’s Prayer” (though contextually different). It is said that the Qur’ān is the Fātiha exteriorised and the Fātiha is the Qur’ān interiorised.

Despite the plurality of divisions in Islam. we find in al-Fātiha, a binding thread of commonality amongst all Muslims (more than a fifth of the world’s population) who utter the seven verses in their daily dutiful worship with much reverence. Al-Fātiha is essentially the cornerstone of prayer in Islam. The purport of this discourse is to impart a meaningful purpose or deeper understanding of the Words of the Lord (Raab) uttered on behalf of His servant (Abd) so that such cascading utterances reverberate in the worshipper’s heart.

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“Inner Fragrance” is a product of several years research concerning the journey within, addressing the perennial question of the meaning of life. An inspirational and transformative insight into metaphysics and Sufism that transcends all boundaries, barriers and pre-determined dogmas, encouraging temperance and tolerance in Islamic divides; to seek to promote peace and harmony on the basis of dialogue and enrichment. The purport is to reawaken the Higher Consciousness within, through the dynamics of Knowledge, Intellect and Soul/Self in the context of illuminating verses from the Qur’ān and prophetic traditions; an enlightening and endearing discourse on meditative practices.

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