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Fragrance of Rāhma

A deeper mystical encounter with and a judicious exposition of Divine Rāhma (Mercy) that soars beyond time, culture and religious divides, describing what is fundamentally universal to humanity. Compassion and Mercy, the cornerstone of every faith, the binding tie that keeps mankind astonishingly cohesive (promoting pluralism) despite so many disparaging, uninspiring negative elements that cause dissensions and divisions. A reflective discourse that interlaces reason with revelation. An insightful study into the Divine Names, profoundly rooted in the human psyche, a healing mercy for the ailing heart.

What Our Reader's Said:

Salim's 3rd book "Fragrance of Rāhma" is currently being printed and should be ready in next week or so, but as I got an opportunity to work with Salim, I got insight of this book and previous books as well. I admire the passion of Salim in the path of God and his idea of spreading this fragrance as he receives from God.

I am sure this book and previous books will inspire many and he is definitely doing his part in making this world better. May God bless you always and best of luck!

-- Jay, London
24th Jan 2020