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Fragrance of the Worshipper

The first Opening Sura (Chapter) of the Qur’ān, al-Fātiha is much alike the biblical “Lord’s Prayer” (though contextually different). It is said that the Qur’ān is the Fātiha exteriorised and the Fātiha is the Qur’ān interiorised.

Despite the plurality of divisions in Islam. we find in al-Fātiha, a binding thread of commonality amongst all Muslims (more than a fifth of the world’s population) who utter the seven verses in their daily dutiful worship with much reverence. Al-Fātiha is essentially the cornerstone of prayer in Islam. The purport of this discourse is to impart a meaningful purpose or deeper understanding of the Words of the Lord (Raab) uttered on behalf of His servant (Abd) so that such cascading utterances reverberate in the worshipper’s heart.

What Our Reader's Said:

“In one word, it was ‘enlightening’.
I have underlined many words sentences and paragraphs which were particularly powerful”

-- Alnashir Chatur (Ex-Putney Mukhi), London
7th July 2019

“I am in total awe having just finished reading the most spiritually inspired reading. The Blessed pen has flowed articulately from the Divine sea of knowledge, that which only the very Blessed and fortunate souls are inspired and directed to scatter the profound pearls of knowledge.
Very well researched, deep understanding of the concept and delivered as a gift with a neat bow, the book is priceless.
The book has answered a lot of underlying questions and opened up a new horizon into the core of my being.”

-- Gulshan Motani, Vancouver
23rd Aug 2019

“I am impressed with how you very profoundly and in depth reveal the importance of Sura al Fātiha and the various traditions of worship especially among Muslim’s. I am in total agreement and I say this often to other Muslim brethren that all the divisions brought about so much different ideologies and concepts about Islam as per your book page 19.
This division brought about discord misinformation and misinterpretation from the various leaders or mullahs. Jihad is a sacrifice internally about being good and renouncing bad. Yet they interpret it as a “holy war”.
Had the lineage continued from Imam Ali as. we would all have a happy united front. The global populace would be a more peaceful haven to live in without terrorism. I am also enjoying your detail of the various ways we worship on Chapter 2. Your research and hard work is praise-worthy.”

-- Shenaz Esmail, Vancouver
5th Sep 2019