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The Inner Fragrance

“Inner Fragrance” is a product of several years research concerning the journey within, addressing the perennial question of the meaning of life. An inspirational and transformative insight into metaphysics and Sufism that transcends all boundaries, barriers and pre-determined dogmas, encouraging temperance and tolerance in Islamic divides; to seek to promote peace and harmony on the basis of dialogue and enrichment. The purport is to reawaken the Higher Consciousness within, through the dynamics of Knowledge, Intellect and Soul/Self in the context of illuminating verses from the Qur’ān and prophetic traditions; an enlightening and endearing discourse on meditative practices.

What Our Reader's Said:

Years of research has rewarded you. I can feel that. Thank you for sharing the book. I can see that it has been an inner understanding for you.Delighted that I can slowly breath in the fragrance.

I love the Whirling Dervishes on the cover. It sets a space for an inner search. I love the black and orange too, very striking. Misbah al Nur another wonderful image... Sura Noor is my favourite. I have tried to memorize and quote often. You have put into one cover all the steps we need to ascend. All the significant points that we ponder and then have to go back to. It is a Tariqa... the way when sometimes we must travel the same path twice, with a better understanding. I like your analogy of traveling by foot on the path of Sharia.

“What a wonderful gift this book will make for house- warming, weddings, birthday gifts”.“Very Enlightening”

-- Shariffa Kashevjee, Nairobi
15th Nov 2018

“A really insightful and knowledgeable book indeed”
“Not only very informative but very helpful for all Muslims at large. What I liked most was your efforts in researching all your work so diligently”.

-- Shenaz Esmail, Vancouver
7th July 2019

“A noble mission extolling GOD and informing and inspiring others to worship”

-- Nizar Motani PhD, Atlanta
11th Aug 2019

“Amazing book”.
“I applaud your hard work and untiring research that has made it a success. Your explanations are very thorough and makes it very engaging to continue to read. My favourite was Ayat Al Kursi. You really dealt deeply into that very important Ayat and made the reader understand it’s true importance”.

-- Shenaz Esmail, Vancouver
17th Aug 2019