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A deeper mystical encounter with and a judicious exposition of Divine Rāhma (Mercy) that soars beyond time, culture and religious divides, describing what is fundamentally universal to humanity. Compassion and Mercy, the cornerstone of every faith, the binding tie that keeps mankind astonishingly cohesive (promoting pluralism) despite so many disparaging, uninspiring negative elements that cause dissensions and divisions. A reflective discourse that interlaces reason with revelation. An insightful study into the Divine Names, profoundly rooted in the human psyche, a healing mercy for the ailing heart.

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Salim Rahim

(Mutawadie Abid - A Humble Servant)

Salim has, over the last 10 years, been deeply engaged in the study, reflection and contemplation of the Stages of the Soul and has, with objectivity, developed an insight into Sufism and Islamic Mysticism, in the context of Qur’anic verses, reflecting upon the jurist’ commentaries (Tafsirs), peered through the lens of esoteric tradition; an empirical study for an inward journey for enlightenment (tajjaliat) known as Tassawuf, to discover the precious “hidden pearls of Islam”. Events, circumstances and rightly guided learned scholars and translators have enabled the author to develop an exposure and appreciation of the numerous divisions within Islam and other non-Islamic denominations.

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